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The Softsie Story

The Problem

We were upon my favorite season of the year, Fall! As a new Mom, I was thrilled to finally be able to get my daughter out for brisk morning walks. She was 7 months old at the time and sure enough as the weather turned colder, she started to develop dry, irritated skin. She was constantly scratching the area, making matters worse. When I took her to the pediatrician, she was diagnosed with eczema. When I asked the pediatrician what I can do to treat and prevent this, she said keep her in long pants and long sleeves, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I followed this plan rigorously, but my poor baby was still itching constantly and had permanent red, weepy blotches behind her knees that no matter what I did, would not go away.

“I wish this stuff was just in your clothes!!”

"Aha" Moment

After a few weeks of trying different kinds of lotions, creams and ointments, nothing seemed to work completely. It was torturous seeing her in discomfort every day. I knew there had to be more I could do. After weeks of effort, I had an “Aha” moment one very sleep-deprived morning while moisturizing her. As I lathered lotion onto her legs, she was squirming and fussing. And then, in desperation, I said out loud “I wish this lotion was just in your clothes!!” The thought continued…and continued…and like any other Mom would do, I immediately scoured the internet for any type of infused baby clothing that I could buy. When I discovered that there was nothing like it on the market, I decided to create it myself. A year and a half later, in 2016, I launched Softsie!

4 kids wearing Softsie clothes.
Black Star

Thinking Through the Product

My goal was to create an American-made fabric that was of the highest quality and amazing for all children. A fabric that was SO soft, organic, and infused with moisturizers, to help gently care for all skin types. A footie pajama seemed like the best place to start, given that my daughter, and most babies, wore them every day. This wouldn’t be just any other footie, this would be something my baby could eat, play, and sleep in, have her skin nourished, and be stylish all at the same time. The footie quickly snow balled into launching several different styles, sizes for bigger kids and women, and numerous fun and modern colorways.  

My mission for this company continues to be to bring comfort and ease to families all over the world. I am so grateful to each of you for following me on this journey and for believing in this brand. There are still many things left to accomplish. This is just the beginning!

Another big part of my mission was to pay it forward to a cause near and dear to my heart. I've chosen to partner with The Hope for Fertility Foundation, a wonderful non-profit organization that offers grants to couples undergoing fertility treatments. My husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to afford the treatments we needed after struggling for nearly two years to conceive our first daughter. It breaks our hearts that millions of couples cannot afford these same services and we hope that through the success of Softsie, we are able to help many families through this amazing organization. 

XO Natalie

Me and my kids

With my daughters and muses, Abigail and Taylor

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