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"...Softsie jammies are the best jammies."

Softsie jammies are the best jammies we've ever come across. From the softest fabric ever, to the cutest prints, they keep their quality after hundreds of wears and washes.

- Courtney
Mom of Three  |  Founder/Owner of Tnees Tpees

"...warm and comfy..."

We just love all of our Softsie outfits! They are the softest ever and so cozy for both baby and whoever is holding baby! I like to always have my babies warm and comfy and the mint color which is my favorite adds the bonus of looking adorable too!

- Lindsey
Mom of Three  |  Photographer/Blogger

"The absolute softest pajamas..."

The absolute softest pajamas I have encountered in four years of parenting. Bonus points for being a little stretchy, they have lasted us extra long because of this. I'm just waiting for the adult sizes!

- Gabriela
Mom of Two  |  Founder of Rookie Humans

"My daughter loves wearing them to sleep...and as her normal day clothes."

The most softest, coziest pajamas! I have a few pairs of the Softsie pajamas for my two children. My three year old daughter not only wears her separates to sleep, but also loves wearing them as her normal every day clothes. My one year old son wears the footies to bed, and they have dramatically helped reduce his dry skin. I also love the look of them--the most stylish duds ever!! Made in the USA is a definite plus too. They fit very true to size and wash well. I would highly recommend!

- Lauren
Mom of Two  |  Photographer

"Worth every penny!"

We love our Softsie footies! The fabric is ultra soft. The prints are unisex and modern, and the zip access makes diaper changes easy! Worth every penny!

- Samantha

Mom of Three  |  Owner of Modern Burlap

"They definitely are the softest clothes we own!"

Our Softsie jams are our favorite item of clothing. So soft, they are like putting on a brand new sweatshirt every time! My son is very sensitive to cold temperatures and Softsie PJs are the only thing that kept him warm this winter. We used them as a base layer on him when my toddler wanted to run around outside in the snow. They definitely are cozy and the softest clothes we own!

- Leigh 
Mom of Two  |  Veterinarian

"My daughter asks to wear them every single night."

We absolutely love the feel and quality of our Softsie items. My daughter asks to wear them every single night. It feels so good to trust what you're putting on your children's skin, especially when dealing with sensitive skin. To top it off though, their customer service is, hands down, the best!


"There was nothing I would rather wrap my newborn up in."

I took my pendant blanket to the hospital when I had my daughter and kept her wrapped in that instead of those awful flannel blankets. All of the nurses kept making comments to me that it was the softest blanket they ever felt. And, I agree. There was nothing I would rather wrap my newborn up in.

- Erin
Mom of Four |  Seamstress


"...I swear they sleep better!"

My boys love their Softsie. They are so comfy and cozy and I swear they sleep better! The best part is that my boys actually ask to wear them. The bedtime routine is so much easier when the Softsies are clean!

- Angela
Mom of Two  |  Registered Dietician

"...good for my baby's skin..."

I love that Softsie has created a gender neutral line that is super soft and good for my baby's skin.  The extra dose of Vitamin E keeps his skin in check all year round.  We love wearing our Softsie to sleep, play and run errands.  It's a bonus that the prints are adorable!

- Courtney
SAH Mom of One

"The quality of the fabric is amazing!"

We love our Softsie footies! They keep both of my boys so warm and cozy at night! The quality of the fabric is amazing! Will definitely be purchasing again!

- Kristen
Mom of Two  |  Founder/Owner of George Hats

"Will be purchasing again!"

My experience with Softsie has been great especially with how amazing the separates wear and I use them as clothes to travel in and everyday running around clothes, not just pajamas. They are soooo soft, thus the name but the quality is amazing too! 

- Marni
Mom of Two  |  Executive Vice President of Golden Pear Funding

"It's the one brand that mixes skin care with style!"


"...even after washing them they still are as soft as ever..."

I love how soft they are! Products so durable that even after washing them they still are as soft as ever. Hey are my daughter's favorite! She genuinely sleeps better in them!!


"That is why I, as a physician, love Softsie and recommend it to all my patients"

All baby skin is soft and delicate, so it is important for everything which comes into contact with their skin, to nourish it. That is why I, as a physician, love Softsie and recommend it to all my patients. With pajamas made from a material enriched which oils and vitamins, each piece is deliciously cozy-soft. Having been designed to moisturize, Softsie is the perfect compliment to the skin care routine for not only those struggling with dry skin or eczema, but for all children!

- Dr. Patricia Bast
Mom of One  |  Pediatrician

" is all our new Winter baby will wear!"

We love love LOVE our Softsies and I have already told my husband it is all our new Winter baby will wear!

- Kristin
Mom of Two  |  Medical Student

"Seriously, these clothes are magic!"

The name says it all! When I opened the package, I immediately felt the fabric and all I could say was "Oh my goodness, I need more of these for Lennon!" He is loving them! Seriously, these clothes are magic!

- Morgan
Mom of One  |  Blogger

"As a pediatrician, it's great to be able to recommend Softsie. I love them for my own kids too!"

Softsie is a wonderful product. As a pediatrician, I see patients every day with sensitive, dry skin ranging from mild to severe. It is great to be able to recommend Softsie. I love them for my own kids, too! Adorable and cozy, it is so nice to snuggle my kids in them!

- Dr. Nicole Gable
Mom of Three | Pediatrician

"'s a win for his skin and a win for mama."

Getting my toddler to wind down at bedtime can be tricky.  Having pjs that he calls "cozy" helps.  My son loves changing into his Softsie footie, it's a win for his skin and a win for mama.  I love that we have pajamas that he asks to wear!

- Dominique
SAH Mom of Two

"The fabric is uber soft and the patterns are so adorable."

I cannot speak highly enough of Natalie and the line that she has created!  My son started wearing his Softsie about a year and a half ago and thats all he has been wearing since. The fabric is uber soft and the patterns are so adorable. Natalie takes great pride in her company and provides excellent customer service. She is very responsive and goes above and beyond to make sure the overall buying experience goes smoothly.  We will most certainly continue to order more!

- Saleha
Mom of Two  |  Dentist

"I also love how cozy the pieces are on my babies sensitive, eczema skin unlike other basic lounge/jammie sets."

Can I just say I'm obsessed with Softsie?! The material is so soft and breathable yet thick so I never worry if my littles would be too cold. I also love how cozy the pieces are on my babies sensitive, eczema skin unlike other basic lounge/jammie sets. We've told many friends about them and would recommend their product time and time again!

- Aubrey
Mom of Three

"I love the prints, how cozy they are, and that my daughters love them as much as I do!"


"I love how Softsie is so soothing on my baby girl's dry skin!"

- Karly
Mom of Two

"...the fit is perfect!!"

Seriously I can't even explain how much I love these. I bought two footies for my youngest and two separates for my oldest and they are so insanely soft and fit perfect!! I can tell a lot of care was put into the making/designing of these!

- Demi
Mom of Two



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