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Under the Palm with Carly Kenihan


When I first commented on one of Carly's (ah-maze-ing) Instagram posts, I was so excited to immediately get a personal message from her! Carly and I exchanged a few notes and quickly realized that we shared a very similar journey to motherhood. Like countless other women, we both went on the crazy rollercoaster that is IVF and from that came three amazing angels - my Abigail, and Carly’s Zoe and Slater.

When Carly said that she wanted to create a print with me, I could not be more thrilled. With a genuine, heartfelt desire to help, I knew Carly was the perfect person to co-design a print with. After months of sending ideas and sketches back and forth, we landed “under the palm." The palm leaf represents so many things that unite us as women and as mothers, and the first of which is hope. The hope we so held onto throughout the years of struggling to conceive. And the overwhelming hope we feel today, having achieved our dreams. The palm also symbolizes triumph and strength. Our triumph over infertility, and our desire to pass along strength and hope to all the women out there still fighting the battle. And last but not least, the palm represents peace. Something present in our hearts as we journey on through motherhood!

With the launch of the Palm, we honor much more than just our stories. It’s about all Mamas. And all Mamas in the making. It’s about celebrating and sharing our journeys. It’s about spreading awareness and hope so that all women battling infertility can feel less alone. It's more than just about giving back, it's about paying it forward!

Please check out the new Palm print! Carly and I appreciate your support, so much. A portion of sales on the site benefit the Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation which helps couples afford the fertility treatments they need to grow their families. During the month of April, please use code UNDERTHEPALM for 15% off any order!

Under the Palm with Carly Kenihan

Please follow our friend @carlykenihan on Instagram and check out her fabulous lifestyle blog for all things LA, fashion, and motherhood/baby! And there you can read more about how we found each other "Under the Palm" --


XO Natalie

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